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Difficulty: Expert Wednesday, August 30, 2017

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CHAT LOG for Wednesday, August 30, 2017

12:23 am

Done. 1 guess.
2:53 am

g / no guess
4:46 am

5:13 am

Morning. Go.
5:20 am

Completed. NG. EZPZ.
I was hoping for some screed about white privilege being a real thing, color me disappointed. To be fair, I do not scroll down to see what is/was written.
5:31 am

5:59 am

The US appears to be getting hit with major storms with unusual frequency. From August 2015 to August 2016, there were eight 500-year flood events recorded by the National Weather Service. There were six “1,000-year” floods in the US over the five years from 2010 to 2014; in 2015 and 2016, though, there were at least three each year.
5:59 am

Below is from\n/28/16211392/100-500-year-flood-meaning
6:02 am

In case "anyone" cares. I know some people believe "no one" cares what I post here. I am so hurt by that. Boo hoo. GFY KnightTime :-)
6:03 am

6:31 am

done, took 3 guesses
7:33 am

tuco says "..US appears to be getting hit with major storms... I'm with ya!! With healthy care fixed, what we need is gub-mint to go to work getting "the earths" climate under control! BUuuahahahahahahahah...Oh lord..the delusion is too much! Yea...sleep well!
7:48 am

lk911. I didn't say it. It was reported at the link I posted. Troll.
7:50 am

Kaosangel maybe you should have scrolled down. It would have jogged your memory. We were discussing climate change and you threw out that there is no such thing as white privilege. Obviously expecting a response. Your last post proved that where you say you were "hoping for some screed" Well since you missed it.... White privilege is real. If I wasn't white and did some of the things I have done when I was younger, I would be in jail now. If I wasn't white I probably wouldn't have the job I have now. If I wasn't white I would probably call kaosangel a right wing racist for insinuating that white privilege isn't real. But I am white so I won't
7:57 am

And what the hell is the point of that last post lk911. Ridiculing facts that are so easily verified? Going off on health care and climate about a report of storms that actually happened? Are you unhinged?
9:49 am

Oh no, the sky is falling...again!
10:26 am

Done not to hard an expert
1:08 pm

Hi Mike
I had heard the "ten thousand year" claim on the radio while I was driving. I can't find a reference to it online.
My apologies for believing someone and quoting them without first confirming.
In fact the rain and flooding from Harvey has not yet been officially categorized as even a 500 year event, though that is certainly likely after the data is in.
Either way, one storm is a weather event. That event adds to the historic record that provides evidence of climate change.
Harvey is certainly evidence that it was a bad idea for the government to relax regulations for building in flood zones. Obviously some regulations are a good idea.
1:42 pm

Tuco being Tuco. When we don't agree, then the name-calling starts. We are trolls and are implored to perform a sexual act with ourselves. Very mature. That's why I contend that NO ONE cares what you write. NO ONE!
1:53 pm

You're wrong Knight Time. I do care. In fact I do care what you write even though I think you are wrong. Very wrong indeed.
1:55 pm

I stand corrected MrOoijer. But let me define "care" as "actually motivated to change one's thinking and actions as a result of Tuco's writings."
2:02 pm

I don't think I will ever change your thinking KnightTime. I am not trying to change your thinking. I am posting what I believe to be the truth based on facts, history, and science. If I am wrong I will admit it. But you will never see me lie to further an agenda. For you to say "no one cares" is to speak for people you have no idea about how they think or believe. You were belittling me and insulting me. Much like Kaosangel saying "next you will say that white privilige is real/exists (sic)" How many African-Americans has Kaosangels said that too? How many Latinos? How many Asians? So I will never say GFY again to you KnightTime and I apologize if you were offended but get over it.
6:04 pm

Penguin, thank you for your polite and tempered response - something of a rarity on this board these days.
I don't blame you for posting what you heard on the radio and believed to be true, although it would have been helpful had you described the source of your information more accurately.
Do you happen to recall what other event from the last two years was described in that radio broadcast as being a ten thousand year event? Was it another flooding event? Was it in the USA?
6:05 pm

Penguin, I am not sure how to interpret your observation that one storm is an event which adds to the historic record that provides evidence of climate change. It seems obvious that, as time passes, the historic record expands, and I therefore think you are probably expressing a belief that, the more data we collect, the more evidence we will have that climate change is happening, is increasing, is caused by human activities, and can be controlled. If I have that wrong, would you like to clarify?
As for your comment about the need for better governmental regulation in relation to building in flood zones, the topic is a nightmare of incompetence and lack of foresight. Taxpayer-subsidized flood insurance for flood-prone homes, and the availability of relief funds for rebuilding in situ but not for relocating away from flood zones, actually incentivize people to move to flood prone areas and to stay there. It's somewhere between moronic and humane, and the arguments never get settled.
6:48 pm

7:12 pm

Tuco, I was offended by your GFY, no matter to whom. You do that when you start losing an argument. And then you say "get over it". I complained to Dr God. Shame on you.
9:21 pm

Okay, what argument did I lose? But sorry you were offended Jainie. Mr. O, thanks!
9:25 pm

TallMike not speaking for Penguin but the increase in storms of this magnitude has been predicted by climate scientists for years. Warmer oceans, rising sea levels will cause more intense storms and carry more water thus causing catastrophic flooding in coastal areas. Science!
9:30 pm

Jainie I am truly sorry you were offended but a little confused, you complain to Dr. God about me but yet you don't when I am called a moron, idiot, fool, a-hole, etc... Okay, I guess I will just have to get over it.
9:44 pm

You know if you look back at my GFY post I put a smiley face at the end of it. Trying to keep it light. Especially after being attacked by KnightTime. Anyway I don't get why people are offended by GoodForYou! :P
10:31 pm

According to this link any rainfall of 10 inches or more in a 24 hour period is a 10,000 year rain event.
10:33 pm

10:33 pm

Evidently that atones for all wrongs. Now we all feeeel so much better. Kum Bah Ya, Peace Out.
11:06 pm

tuco, I am mystified as to why you keep presenting exactly the same tired climate change arguments over and over again. Do you believe that people will believe you if you say the same thing often enough?
Here's an example you have just revived yet again: the claim you have made numerous times in the last couple of years that the predictions of climatologists are reliable and must be heeded because they are scientists. You seem to ignore the fact that your argument has been refuted and rejected just as many times by those of us who are old enough to remember the miserable failure of major climate predictions made in decades past.
I wonder why you do not try something different. Why not learn something new to say, something more persuasive? Read a good book, like The Human Age, and tell people about some of the new ideas in it that you find inspiring and hope others will too. Or find an interesting topic that you have never explored before and set out to become an expert, or at least a pundit. You used to be interesting. Remember? I would bet you could do it again if you tried.
But maybe you just like just saying the same old things over and over, which is fine, except I for one won't be reading it anymore.
11:15 pm

Started over 3 times, one guess.