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Difficulty: Expert Monday, August 28, 2017

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CHAT LOG for Monday, August 28, 2017

12:17 am

Done. 1 good guess.
12:26 am

Done, two guesses
3:46 am

ng / ng - just one advanced tricj that was easy to spot.
3:49 am

Impact of storms like Harvey caused by climate change and predicted more than 30 years ago by Hansen (read his "Storms for my Grand Children")
3:52 am

& at the same time India and Bangladesh suffer from climate change related floods, > 1000 dead
4:24 am

But maybe we should believe those that still think the world is flat. Just because they are in the minority doesn't mean they're wrong!
4:25 am

4:38 am

ding, first guess
5:53 am

6:00 am

Morning. Go.
6:09 am

OMG the world is going to end because of Global Cooling.... Er, Wait, Global Warming!!! Err...No, Climate Change!!!
Normal people just call it the weather.
Either way, another 'expert' puzzle that resembled an easy.
6:44 am

So the USA is most likely to start next World War. Hmm we did not start 1 or 2, think that was Europe. We did help finish them though.
7:32 am

My family is excited, all our ancestors were farmers in greenland 700 years ago, but they froze to death, now that it may melt in the next 200 years, we are all gettin the fixin's together for a big thaw and bury-um-proper fest...some day soon!!
7:42 am

I am much more confident in man getting man on the moon...than say...knowing anything close to being able forcast weather with ANY degree of accuracy which would register beyond a drunk guess...or a monkey..
7:42 am
8:03 am

Not an expert--EZPZ
8:05 am

Weather does not equal climate.

Weather is immediate and changes quickly. Climate does change but takes decades or centuries to be obvious, being predictable only by using large amounts of historic data. The scientists who are experts in this have determined that climate change is real.
10:45 am

I am more interested in why some refuse to accept the overwhelming scientific consensus. What is their reasoning? Are they just being contrarians or is their refusal to accept more on the line that if I question this belief do I have to question other beliefs I have? Could I be wrong about anything else? Or are they just stuck on the extraction industry propaganda and they refuse to believe they were lied to and accepted it as fact? This is more interesting to me than anything else. I have seen my mother change to an irrational person when it comes to these issues. They only thing that has changed about her is her constant viewing of Fox News the last 10 years she has been alone.
11:33 am

Hi Tuco,
Science is relatively easy. Human psychology, particularly denial when there is evidence to those who do not choose to wear blinders, is beyond my ken. According to the weather service, the current flooding in Texas is the second "ten thousand year event" in two years; what some are referring to as the new normal. While individual events are not proof of climate change, repeated events become part of the historic record that I referred to before and become evidence. Whether the deniers place blind faith in a politician, a "news" network, a mythology, or something else might be important in terms of marketing truth to counter fantasies but I'm not in marketing.
1:00 pm

3:52 pm

4:31 pm

Gee could it be the extra water from melting ice caps be a factor in more water falling from hurricanes? One thing I am worrying about since I live 850 feet above sea level, is will we reach a point where in order to preserve sea level and protect property we start holding back water upstream and flooding land and property up here?
9:17 pm

Two guesses.