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Difficulty: Expert Friday, June 16, 2017

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CHAT LOG for Friday, June 16, 2017

12:17 am

2:12 am

b/ng - - looked like a mix of xy-wing and coloring
4:22 am

5:50 am

6:15 am

Phil - *loved* your PM's speech!
9:57 am

10:24 am

Done. 1 guess.
12:31 pm

Did it, no green, no guess. There was a block pincer, more difficult to follow than usual because it was looped in a large figure eight shape. After that, real easy.
2:12 pm

At least he has a sense of humour Diane, right place to have a laugh and a bit of a tradition. Usually just poke fun at themselves and local politics but well, you couldn't not, could you! Press loved it. Think they were real press, mayne just canned laughter from fake press!
2:25 pm

ding first guess
2:45 pm

I am thinking of channeling our Prez and Chuck Shumer this Sunday on Father's Day. Prez was creepy, Shumer was funny, I just want to piss off my wife and kids. I am going to have them sit at the table and say wonderful things about me one after the other.
2:47 pm

It is an honor to play Sudoku by your side, tuco.
2:48 pm

Thank You Andy you are blessed to be able to do that.
2:49 pm

2:59 pm

Sorry but it is fresh. Was just listening to Limbaugh on the drive home. He started repeating the talking point about how Democrats hated Comey when he was tough on Hillary. It struck me, yeah, okay but does that mean we are supposed to forget that at that point Comey was a hero to the Right? You know when someone in Comey's position is doing a good and fair job when he pisses off people from both sides.
3:08 pm

Also there's that weird assumption that it is always one thing and never the other. We can be upset at what he did to Hillary's campaign and say that he did a bad thing while feeling that he's doing right now and taking the right tack. It's called being an adult. Only children (and recalcitrant teens) see the world in black and white.
3:12 pm

Randi Rhodes has stuck by Comey ever since he stood up to Alberto Gonzales and during the release of the investigation of Hillary's emails before the election she was the only one to point out that he HAD to do that because he promised a committee that if at any time any new information came out he would notify them. He stuck by his promise. He didn't do it because he wanted to hurt Hillary, he didn't do what he has done with Trump because he doesn't like Trump, he didn't do what he did for the country with Alberto Gonazales. He did what he HAD to do to fulfill his duty. Comey is a good man.
8:54 pm

11:13 pm

To me, Comey is a true American Patriot. He fell on his sword, so these proceedings could get going ASAP.