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Difficulty: Easy Saturday, April 29, 2017

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CHAT LOG for Saturday, April 29, 2017

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Peter, I believe, has been put out to pasture and is no longer at the University. Methane clathrates, buckyballs of ice surrounding molecules of methane gas trapped in the Arctic tundra permafrost and also on the bottoms of oceans, are quite extraordinary phenomena. The methane can be ignited and the ice appears to be burning.
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@dr who: unless you call the whoe of physics a computer model - no computer model is needed to show the impact of GHG's. As I said without that effect we would have an earth thar was completely frozen at 255 Kelvin.. The deducuction follows from physical laws that all date back to the pre computer area: Fourier, Bolrzmann, Planck. As to your observation that most GHGs are natural: thta is self-evident, because that explains the difference between a frozen earth pf 255 to the 288. What we are talking about now is the rise to 289 and beyond. CO2 has risen from 280 ppm in the 1800's to 410 ppm tpday. All is manmade - .there are so many sources where you can read about this that I do not understand why you do not even know about that and come up with more intelligent objections than simply denying the facts that every science student can verify. There are so many courses with class notes online these days, it is easy to find the basics of the atmospheric sciences by just googling around .
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sadly MrO i imagine they will say it's fake news, and that job creation is the most important thing.
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We had some common sense in Australia recently with one of the big banks deciding that it wouldn't fund the new Adani mine in Queensland. It cited a pledge to invest in more renewable projects and cutting back loans to existing mines that are operating.
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@Phil - Ithe job and money argument is tptally false because the basic sciince of climate is taught every year to 1000's of very critical students that will notice evry wrong argument immediately. That was my experience teaching to undergraduates: they would always notice even subtle mistakes.
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Begs the question MrO why politicians think they can spout nonsense and get away with it. I think the voting public has finally had enough and wants people who will do the right thing. It may take a few tries though, pretty certain trump isn't the answer.
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Also think its a bit rich trying to argue against immigration when almost all the great countries, US, Aus, Canada, UK, they've all done well precisely because of migrants coming for a better life and working hard.
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The majority of muslims too, integrate well and lose the extremism. However, there is a little to be said for their loyalty to their religion first above the right person for the job, as was witnessed in Jakarta when a highly successful and popular Mayor lost an election because the muslim majority were told to vote for the muslim candidate.
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Phil, Mr.O, Tuco - the climate change deniers here are simply burying their heads in the (tar)sands. Don't bother them with facts.
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TallMike, I never reversed my position. I'm interested in the science. The science is clear. I'm annoyed by politicians who claim otherwise and who want to hide the research.
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Done very methodically, no waiting, but there were some loners of five. 16.
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Phil you may be right about the voting majority recognizing the BS. Unfortunately​ your average Trump/freedom caucus voter is either suffering from Dunning- Kruger effect, truly are racist or believe that they will someday magically join the 1/10 of 1% so they vote against their own best interest.