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Difficulty: Expert Thursday, April 27, 2017

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CHAT LOG for Thursday, April 27, 2017

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Done. No guesses.
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Done, no guesses.
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@dr Who - the warming is caused by rising GHG )greenhouse gass) levels that have been deposited in the atmosphere by humans. The suns energy comes in the form of short wave light to the earth and is partly radiated back in space in long wave (infrared) energy. The GHG trap some f that infra red (otherwise it would be 255 K - frozen earth). That energy balance has been disturbed, especially by extra CO2, CH4, NO2, and stuff like CFC's. All man made (can be shpwn from Isotopes) . So that's a chain of fatcs, some of which you dispute. But which one exactly? Note that this has nothing to do with computer models. This is basic (oh well undergraduate level) physics.
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g/ng - sorry for all those typos'
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MrO you've hit the nail on the head again.
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Im amazed someone with your intelligence Dr Who refutes the notion that it is human activity and scarily that we can do nothing to stop it.
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We can't stop volcanoes erupting but we can stop the greenhouse gases, destroying forests particularly rainforests. I'm a long long way from being a green but I do want my children children to enjoy the natural wonders of our planet. At the end of the day, we can all live much simpler lives. If we realised that consumption really isn't everything, and changed a few simple things each and every day, we could all make a difference.
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Statements such as this one ".. have been deposited in the atmosphere by humans..." create the polarity and freeze the conversation and nothing happens. Why? Because it isolates ONE aspect of the matter when the impact of cow farts and volcanes are proven either more damaging OR unmeasurable... Carry on!
7:23 am

If you want to see the impact of something which will change the world waaaaaaaaaaaaaay sooner than a few cow farts...Go eat lunch in a French restaurant. Look around. See what you see for what it is...There is a cultural shift which is partaking in all the externalities of open free societies while purporting to be of a belief system which eschews such participation...May be we can call it the Reverse Crusades of the 21st Century...Folks, in YOUR life time, that migration WILL CHANGE your world more than all the CO2 gas ever produced in the history of this planet. Book it.
3:04 pm

Here is what I understand. The Right, Limbaugh etal deny climate science because they are paid to by API and extraction industry think tanks. Here is what I don't understand. Why do rational people when faced with the overwhelming scientific evidence accept the deniers denials? Is it because if they don't they will then have to question every other assertion made by the deniers?
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no they don't the don't believe the science...
5:22 pm

no they don't believe the science answers relevant questions about things which impact the temp gradient which are unaccounted for in the work product. That is what they believe. AND, the people producing the work product cannot account for the holes in the data. No one gets to fill the holes in the data with a bias, should one do this it is for the purpose of their desired end game; which is the nature of this 'cause'. So what's the end game, simply look at the top of the money tree...ExxonMobil, BP, look at the first foray to unseat the incumbents...Solendra. Follow the money...
5:57 pm

lk911 what happens in French restaurants where you live? Because in French restaurants where I live, people just go there and eat real food. I haven't noticed any difference in the last 10 years....
10:49 pm

TallMike, I'm not interested in chasing down claims by politicians. That would just upset my stomach no matter what side of the aisle they embrace. I prefer to stick to the science. And the science is clear about climate change.