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Difficulty: Expert Monday, October 31, 2016

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CHAT LOG for Monday, October 31, 2016

12:28 am

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whew. ding.
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12:41 am

Done, several guesses.
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first guess
4:41 am

Done. ng, 1guess
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Morning. Go.
6:01 am

Watched Michael Moore's Sicko documentary last night. As someone who has lived in UK and Australia but also travelled to Europe and the US, I urge every American to watch it. To the sceptical, it's true, everyone else in the world knows it. The best line in the film was, and I paraphrase, you can tell a lot about a nation when you see how they treat their most disadvantaged.
6:06 am

Done. NG. EZPZ. Phil, Sicko was debunked universally.
6:07 am

There was also some insight from Tony Benn, a man I disagree with on most things, but who was correct in saying, real power in democracy is when the people vote en mass for what is right. With the incredible power of social media, take the lessons learn from the debacle of Trump, establish a party of skilled humanitarians, use social media to get your ideas for decency and fairness developed into policies that you can truly challenge the corrupt political system that you are currently stuck with.
6:08 am

Not in the rest of the world it wasn't, it seems to me that in the US you are fed so many lies you can't see the truth.
6:11 am

Universal health care works and is the right thing to do. Ask any Brit, Frenchman, Icelander, Scandinavian, Canadian, etc. The list is long. As they said in Cuba, surely a rich country can afford to look after it's people better.
6:22 am

How on earth can you possibly mount an argument to maintain a system where someone who is injured heroically offering assistance to save the lives of others during 9/11 has to battle to get medical treatment? How can you turn someone away from a hospital because they haven't got money to pay the ridiculously inflated medicine bill?
6:28 am
Phil\nsthma-inhaler-costs-so-damn-much might be worth looking at. Then tell me if you think you're political and medical system isn't immoral.
6:42 am

Not that I need it, but my son did when he was little, a ventolin inhaler in my local chemist costs Aus$6.20, that's well under US$10. How much in the local chemist in a city on US? With economies of scale you and the fact that you make the drug in the US, it should cost you far less. So how much is it?
7:02 am

Phil, in fairness, Sicko was a bit of an exaggeration, as many of Moore's effort are, but the underlying premise, of course, is correct. By ANY objective measure, US healthcare is a mess: from outcomes, to waiting room times, to % of GNP, to infant mortality, to personal bankruptcies caused. One can argue a lot in US politics, but not in the area of healthcare, if one is thoughtful.
7:45 am

Sadly Diane, not much of an exaggeration, certainly not as you mentioned in many areas.
8:09 am

8:29 am

g/ng - one y-wing broke the whole thing
8:29 am

sorry, I think it was an xy wing
9:01 am

Done. 1 restart and 1 guess
8:48 pm

Speaking of drug prices in the U.S. It is one of the great government boondoggles of all time Medicaid Prescription Drug Part D. No negotiating on price from the government. Written by Big Pharma for Big Pharma.
10:41 pm

Also all the noise about the increase in premiums is just that. If you are a member of one of the state exchanges your subsidy will increase to cover any increase in premiums
10:43 pm

Unfortunately Little Marco put in a poison pill which is causing havoc. Plus many Republican Govs did not expand medicaid which would have helped millions.\narco-rubio-is-quietly-killing-obamacare/2015/\n12/14/c706849a-a275-11e5-b53d-972e2751f433_st\nory.html?utm_term=.5b19f2b888dd