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Difficulty: Medium Wednesday, July 13, 2016

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CHAT LOG for Wednesday, July 13, 2016

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Dr Who - surely its time to change a constitution that is so clearly out of date.
2:56 am

It obviously requires the whole of the US to adopt the same or close to approach on gun reform. In Oz when we got rid of most of our firearms it was national legislation and the states generally are aligned.
2:57 am

I find it very strange that it is even up for debate that convicted criminals of any serious charge are allowed to have a firearms licence let alone not even have background checks.
3:01 am

The Pokemon craze has it Australia and even in historically very cold Perth weather 0.6 degrees C last night, at 3 in the morning small groups of young people were wandering the streets and parks having fun. They all felt safe and the thought that someone might rob them at gunpoint would never have entered any of their heads. Now who wouldn't want that in America?
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Phil, America has plenty of area where children are doing the exact same thing, but we have countless more inner cities than Australia and those are not safe day or night. Humorously though, the major cities with the highest gun crimes are also the ones with the strictest gun control. Guns are not the issue as there are over 300,000,000 guns (yes, 300 million) and 99.9x% of owners have never even contemplated using them in a crime. Additionally, go look at the statistics and you will find over the overwhelming majority used in crimes are not licensed to the criminal, they usually fall into the same racial and voting block too. Guns do not kill people any more than knives, bats, and fists which are more frequently used in violence. People kill people. To argue anything else is ridiculous. America's problem is that our criminals are the current protected class, ala BLM.
6:11 am

"current protected class" Protected how?
6:20 am

Done, got lost, but finally worked it out
7:42 am

actually, if you look at the data, the six states with the most gun restrictions also happen to be ranked in the bottom in gun death rates (with the exception of Maryland, which is 33rd)
8:38 am

Diane: perhaps blacks are arrested more for certain crimes because they actually commit those crimes more frequently than whites. For instance murder. Black commit more murders than whites even though they make up only about 14% of the population. If you want to get more specific, young black men in the inner city commit most of the murders. Get serious about policing drug dealers and gangs and that disparity might go away eventually. But we have a catch and release program. We need to lock up violent criminals and throw away the keys. The death penalty would be quite effective too.
8:41 am

And B.T.W. many more blacks are killed by other blacks than by the police. The news media seems to want you to believe the police are wiping out blacks. No, other blacks are wiping out blacks. That is a problem which should be getting much higher priority than police shootings.
8:48 am

@drwho: And B.T.W. many more whites are killed by other whites.... The statistics are clear on that (more than 80%). The problem that you are addressing is based on racism and perceived racism. And police are part of the problem and part of the solution.
8:51 am

Right, there is perceived racism because the media and other race hustlers are telling lies. The statistics show that the police are just as likely to shoot a white man as a black man. They are more likely to use force if the suspect is black and that is a problem. However, it is not clear that the problem is a racist attitude by the police. Statistically blacks in the inner city are more prone to violent crime. It may be profiling based on experience.
8:54 am

But while more white civilians kill other whites than the police do, it is significant that you are more likely to be the victim of murder if you are black than if you are white. I would much rather address that problem than the problem of police shootings.
8:59 am

Angie: I can't speak for Kaosangel, but perhaps he is referring to the civil rights protections for criminals, such as the Miranda decision which now forces the police to read you your rights when they arrest you. Or perhaps he was referring to lax enforcement law enforcement where career criminals don't spend nearly enough time in jail. the catch and release phenomenon I referred to earlier.
9:00 am

please link to the statistic that shows police are just as likely to shoot a white man as a black man.
9:01 am

I remember a headline in the 80s (possibly in the Washington Post) which said something like this:

Despite falling crime rates Prison populations are booming.
9:02 am

Just maybe the cause and effect was the reverse, putting more criminals in jail and keeping them caused the crime rate to drop.
9:03 am

lonibelle: I linked the NY Times story. Quick scroll down to the bottom before its gone.
9:08 am

@drwho: Referring to those who are asking that their lives are respected as "race hustlers", which might not have been your intent but that's how it reads, exacerbates the problem. When people demand that police not also act as executioner it is not because of statistics but because of horrors they are seeing too many times.
9:12 am

And the horrors are not put in proper perspective that it is happening just as often (rate wise, actually more often in absolute numbers because there are more white than blacks) to whites.

Certain politicians and some Black Live Matter people bridle when someone says All lives matter. Those are race hustlers.
9:17 am

Penguin: If there really is a problem, then the people asking that their live matter should not have to make it up they should be showing us the real problem. The fact that they are making it up makes them race hustlers.
9:20 am

It's a cultural problem that must be corrected by the black community. It involves cultural pride, work ethic, lack of opportunity mostly due to black leadership preying on its own people. Chinese have always had drug addiction and racial problems but not the same cultural upbringing. Guns are merely a symptom, yet certainly are not a cure, just another secondary causality.
9:23 am

Difficulty score 29.
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lonibelle: here is the link again. The previous one was given yesterday, so you might have to go to the archives for it. Remember to remove all '\n' character sequences.\n/upshot/surprising-new-evidence-shows-bias-in\n-police-use-of-force-but-not-in-shootings.htm\nl?_r=0
10:17 am

drwho: We disagree strongly. Those who bridle at "All lives matter" are hearing that their lives don't matter. Centuries of slavery, followed by Jim Crow, and then more subtle discrimination have made it clear that some lives matter more than others. "Black lives matter" does not denigrate any other lives. It recognizes that black lives have not been seen as equal for too long. Dismissing black lives matter by responding all lives matter is heard as 'get back in your place.'
10:21 am

jackt: Thinking that discrimination against the black community has to be solved by the black community ignores that it is our entire society that is involved.
10:26 am

If the BLM movement actually cared about black lives, they'd get in their own faces about a) committing crimes, b) gang violence, c) resisting police officers in routine stops. Instead they peddle lies and morons lap it up like it's truth.
12:17 pm

Only one Medium trick, and that not very hard. 18.
12:28 pm

Here's a quick poll question: Do you feel that black lives matter, in a positive sense, a) more now? or b) less? ...than they used to, before some were egged on by Sharpton and Jackson, financed by Soros, feted by Obama, given a pass by Marylin Mosby and who have capitalized on biased and false reporting in the liberal media?
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too much clicking, too fast
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I don't know what I'm doing wrong here - stuck on same thing :(
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OMG !!!
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Hey, guys, if you want to be racists can you please do it somewhere else? I want to play Sudoku AND keep my blood pressure down. kthxbai
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9:46 pm

Love the slavery meme. We are such a racist society since 1980 3 million blacks have immigrated here from African nations. Pew Research.