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Difficulty: Easy Friday, February 5, 2016

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CHAT LOG for Friday, February 5, 2016

12:15 am

I would love to see the factual data that supports your assertions. Most Americans are clueless about the rest of the world? MOST? News to me. We are arrogant? Not in my experience. We think we are safe because we have guns? Not the reason I feel safe. Those are sound like unfounded opinions and not facts.
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5:40 am

Dianne should have said most U.S. citizens she has encountered. It is true that a large percentage of U.S. citizens have bought into the propaganda that is being thrown at them through the media. We are the strongest, richest nation in the world. Unfortunately in other categories we are falling behind. Health Care including infant mortality (not counting abortion), education, literacy. Education is the most important category. Since if the electorate was better educated they would not be as susceptible to the propaganda causing them to vote against their best interest.
6:17 am

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6:42 am

Wish there was a "like" button, tuco. You're right! This election really scares me.
8:46 am

Difficulty score 20. No green.
8:50 am

<SoapBox>Tuco is right that many Americans vote against their best interest because of poor education (actually, I would say mis-education). But I wonder if Tuco or any of you actually know what your best interest at the ballot box really is? It is liberty, not health care, not safety, not any of the welfare state goodies.</SoapBox>
8:54 am

<SoapBox>Any politician who promises to "give" you something should be regarded with suspicion. Remember, government can only give what it first takes.</SoapBox>
9:25 am

What amazes me are the numbers of folks who continue to believe in the mythology of American politics as seen thru the prism of the mainstream media. Assange and Snowden are heroes living in forced exile for daring to tell the truth. Nobody wants to hear the truth anymore, especially if it means actually getting involved ourselves. The American dream died a long time ago. To the rest of the world we are a gun for hire. There are no leaders with honor left to look to for guidance. The parties and politicians are owned by corporate lobbies and foreign banking interests. The few "good" politicians who succeed in breaking thru will be unable to affect meaningful change. It's going to take a second revolution.
10:07 am

Here's a test for your neighbors. How did SCOTUS's ruling on Citizens United destroy our political system? For what purpose were American troops deployed in Afghanistan after the conflict ended? Have you ever read about the pipeline being built there in the MSM news that our sons died for? Why were two American generals, McCrystal, Petraeus, etc fired for conflicts with their unelected civilian overseers? How did Joe Biden's son end up on the board of directors of a Ukrainian oil and gas company? How did the current mayor of Chicago become Obama's Chief of Staff in charge of all four branches of our military when he had previously refused to serve in the US military and instead served in the Israeli Army? Hillary claims she's not beholding to Wall Street. How does she explain her recent fifty speaking engagements at $225,000 a pop? People really have no idea what's been going on right under their noses and yet even if they did they'd still vote these people back in.
11:21 am

365 games left in the archives for me and 753 points from elite status. Yes - not all of the games will be the tedious easy games. 10 individuals in front of me who will never reach elite until the dr is paid.
12:44 pm

I think all ought to pay the good dr. He provides this wonderful site, and has for years. His request is a mere pittance for the enjoyment we receive.
1:05 pm

Ditto, Diane!
5:08 pm

Go talk US politics on a site where ppl care.
6:55 pm

I actually think a little discussion about anything is a good thing. Apathy is the worst thing.
6:58 pm

Dr Wh, I think you misunderstood me, we don't distrust our politicians, but more like a healthy scepticism in believing everything they say. Same about the media, way too much swayed the old adage stands more often than not, don't let the truth get in the way of a good story.
7:03 pm

We listen, but question until we get to hopefully the truth. But to arm the people against the government, frankly laughable and scary. Far better to sacrifice a little civil liberty for keeping the people much safer. We are supposed to be a democracy, and more than that, we strive to tell the rest of the world that democracy is the only way to go, vote for change and put the guns away. Yet in the US you actually do just what you advocate the rest of the world not do and arm the militia just in case. Can't for the life of me see the common sense. Social media and people power - shown to work all the time, with a lot less loss of innocent lives.
7:05 pm

Run out of time for the game now, will get back to it later. Bit warm here, 38 to 42 for the next week, thats 100 to 108 for the American listener.
7:57 pm

7:59 pm

You seem to assume this is a US only site, it's not, so if you want to discuss got to a US politics site and discuss it there
9:35 pm

9:40 pm

May not be a US politics only site. However I don't see any restrictions on what can be discussed here. Remember for all our faults the US still has freedom of speech.
9:42 pm

9:46 pm

Too bad there is not a way to turn off the chat.
9:52 pm

No one is 'forced' to read the chat. Again, this began as a friendly exchange of cultural education between Phil & myself that others have - all are welcome, none are forced. See, Phil, here's a thing - just maybe, we tend to take ourselves & our views a bit more seriously than you all. Not sure if that's good or bad, but probably our BP rates are higher than yours :)
10:33 pm

Phil: The US federal government was designed by people who basically trusted no one! They didn't trust the people which is why we need government and they didn't trust the government because it was run by people.

That is why we have separation of powers and checks and balances in our federal government's structure as well as state governments.

The original architects of the US federal government intended that the real political power would reside in state and local governments. And it did up until about 75 years ago.
10:42 pm

Allowing the people to keep and bear arms was intended as a check on the power of the federal government over the state governments (see Federalist paper #46).
11:27 pm

Wonderful, but frankly we've moved on, or I hope we all have. Might have been appropriate 100 years ago but certainly not any more.
11:29 pm

HK, you're right, my blood pressure is very average, enjoy life but with empathy and a smile. It would be great to hear from anyone about anything, even from the old country where I was born. Great countryside, pubs and in the main friendly natives.
11:53 pm

Phil: Unfortunately many Americans take your attitude. We have moved on. Which means we have lost much of the freedom that made this country great and the envy of the world. If things continue the way they are we shall soon have no freedom left!