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Difficulty: Expert Saturday, January 24, 2015

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CHAT LOG for Saturday, January 24, 2015

12:18 am

12:24 am

Done, one guess
12:25 am

Done, no green and no guess. Not an expert!
12:33 am

done second gurss
12:36 am

Done. Had to restart, but on 2nd try found a UR for the first time and figured out what to do with it!
1:45 am

Done. Not a difficult expert, no greens, one guess.
3:29 am

Difficulty score 29. No green.
3:43 am

another one simple "advanced" trick/ ng^2
5:36 am

6:31 am

if I can do it ng then it is definitely not an expert!
8:14 am
lk911 Exp here.
10:44 am

No greens until the end. This one isn't difficult but I clearly don't know the advanced trick involved; this style sends me to greens every time.
12:33 pm

12:38 pm

If it's any consolation, SJ, you solved it, which is more than anyone who guessed can say, and, I suspect, a few others as well. For those who say they guess, I sort of admire the honesty. It reminds me of those lip-syncing people who just want an opportunity to get on stage and when they do, mime to records of their favorite singers, lol. But to say no greens, one guess? You can't be serious.
12:39 pm

I was serious. No greens, then near the end it was a choice of two ways to go - I guessed the right one.
12:40 pm

I know, but what's the point?
12:41 pm

I don't understand?
12:41 pm

I understand.
12:42 pm

I bow to your intelligence
12:43 pm

1:04 pm

The point of doing puzzles is to learn to solve them in greater degrees of difficulty, not merely to complete them. Psychologically, completing them momentarily relieves the tension but does nothing to improve our cognitive skills. It requires effort. Guessing is effortless, ie pointless. If I fail and have to guess, then I admit the puzzle defeated me. Nothing wrong with that. It happens to me all the time. But to say no greens, one guess? You're taking credit for almost solving it. It's meaningless.
1:14 pm

Now I know why I didn't understand. Your motivation for doing puzzles is entirely different to mine, and therefore what you consider pointless isn't what I consider pointless. My remarks are about greens and guesses are observations, not attempts to take credit, or demonstrate my inferiority or superiority.
1:24 pm

It's not a matter of inferiority or superiority. That's strictly in one's own mind, but I do see where your motivation ties in with some other time-driven sudoku sites which value fastest time to completion over understanding the underlying concepts.
1:47 pm

Finished, I guess
1:48 pm

As you have no idea what my motivation is, I don't see how you can tie it to anything, jackt. And as for inferiority and superiority being strictly in one's own mind, that's impossible as we are not all equal, but we would need definitions of inferiority and superiority for whatever aspect is being considered, to make judgements about it.
3:58 pm

i see there's only one way to solve this dispute. i'm the best and you guys are so far inferior to me that the difference between you becomes negligible by comparison!
3:59 pm

(that me joking to diffuse tension)
3:59 pm

(wait do i mean diffuse or defuse? maybe both.)
6:55 pm

No green, no guess, and even while violating Hurshey 1. I hate to see anybody guess. So I give hints. This one had a sort-of unique rectangle, which may not have been needed because there were still easy moves left when I used it. The difficult move wasn't really difficult at all -- didn't take much visualization. Now if you are still hoping to solve this on your own, don't read any further. But for those about to give up and guess, here's your hint: block pincer.
10:12 pm