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Difficulty: Expert Saturday, April 13, 2013

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CHAT LOG for Saturday, April 13, 2013

12:00 am

Gentlemen, start your engines.
12:06 am

The scores for the last 2 experts have been out of line with the consensus of this forum. That is not too surprising since the scoring algorithm doesn't know much about expert solving techniques. It is better at rating the easy, medium and hard puzzles. But don't take it too seriously.
12:30 am

Done, only one guess.
1:20 am

Some of us don't take anything too seriously ..
1:39 am

1:40 am

did it
1:45 am

Done, no greens, no guesses. But I think I made one error that turned out to be correct by a fluke of luck.
2:14 am

done, with greens
3:02 am

4:51 am

done with greens and logic. time for coffee.
6:10 am

done... pretty easy for an expert
6:11 am

Done...Agreed..not that difficult.
6:40 am

Happy Jefferson's birthday to all!!!
6:51 am

Born April 13, 1743
6:52 am

Died July 4, 1826
7:03 am

50 years to the day from the official date of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and a few hours before John Adams died.
7:10 am

Difficulty score 30. No green.
7:12 am

I've thought a little about the scoring algorithm I use. It does not take into account how early you have to resort to hard or expert techniques. If I were to factor in the number of clues and and cells already filled in when each technique was used I would probably get a more accurate measure of difficulty.
7:13 am

On the other hand, it would be a totally new rating system and the numbers would have no relation to the numbers I have been publishing...
7:15 am

Or, at least the scale... in other words, I haven't figured out how to normalize the score, like for instance a score that ranges from 0 to 100. There is no fixed top score in the current system.
7:55 am

As one of the majority who appreciate your daily scores, thank you drwho! I am happy with either continuing the old scoring system or a change, just appreciate a finer scale of rating than Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert. Again, thanks.
8:08 am

why not add a measure of completions to puzzles and add a time component by looking at player historicals and see where on the timeline the puzzle fits relative to previous rankings/scores.
8:11 am

completions to puzzles meaning your server delivers 1000 puzzles and on a 45+ only 30% complete where as a 25 rating 95% complete the puzzle...and then look at the time element by seeing when the player loads to completion...harder puzzles would necessarily take longer no matter what the player skill level would be...
8:11 am

just a thought
8:21 am

Agree with Penguin - whatever category ranking is, I always enjoy playing and have since you started this site. Can't say I'm a fan of introducing any kind of timing element as we all have different approaches to how and when we have time to play within our daily schedules and that would seem to unfairly advantage those who can complete puzzles in a single sitting (at least if I'm understanding the suggestion correctly). Thanks for a fun Sudoku experience!
8:46 am

Hello everyone - my input is to leave the scoring the way it is, why fix something that is not broken?
10:48 am

A time element would work for some but not everyone equally. I have 2 part time jobs that I work at from home - a pc that fast or slow at running reports, a grandson toddler, a neighbors dog, 2 phone lines to answer questions on, a husband that spoils me with 'breakfast is ready!' For me time is random - for others it is structured. I use the colors because I never know when I have to stop for 30 minutes to over an hour. Sudoku is fun and relaxing not a timed race.
10:56 am

y wing, xwing and coloring required. Or an easy one to throw a guess at. Good puzzle
1:04 pm

I'm with trisha_ZA and CLG47. (Altho I don't have near as many distractions as CLG47. Wow!) And I too would like to add my thanks to Dr. Who's puzzle scoring system but I have to admit that some days it doesn't make sense to me - when I deem some Easy puzzles to be hard, and some Expert ones to not be so, well, Expert.)
6:42 pm

6:59 pm